Yacht Charter Bahamas

Yacht Charter Bahamas

Yacht charter Bahamas: general area information for yacht charter and crewed charter in Bahamas - Here you will learn more about location, history, economy of Bahamas as well as interesting facts and sights of Bahamas. You will get information about sailing in the Bahamas like wind & weather and tides. Furthermore you will find sailing info as well as price lists and a picture gallery for your sailing trip on the Bahamas.


The area Yachtcharter Bahmas is located about 80 kilometers south of Florida and 100 kilometers north of Cuba.

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The Bahamas are located in the North Atlantic, 80 km southeast of Florida and 100 km north of Cuba, with a north-south extension of 650 km and east-west latitude of 750 km. The highest point is Mount Alvernia (63 m) on Cat Island, on whose summit stands a monastery.





It was not until the 9th century that the Lucayan, a South American Indian tribe, permanently settled some of the more than 700 islands, of which only 30 are permanently inhabited even today. In 1492 Columbus discovers the Bahamas, which are claimed and colonized by England in 1629. For a long time, pirates use the area as a hideout. During the American War of Independence and the Civil War, as well as during Prohibition, the islands serve as a refuge and hub for contraband due to their proximity to the United States.




The Bahamas gained independence in 1973, the official language is English, the currency is the local dollar and the equivalent US dollar. Due to the lack of natural resources, the economy is strongly focused on tourism and the financial sector.


Travel information


A valid passport is required for entry, no special vaccination is required. The time difference to Europe is -6 h in winter and -6 h in summer.

The connection is mostly via USA, alternatively there is a direct flight from London to Nassau, which makes the arrival easier and within one day.



Worth knowing and places of interest


The Bahamas are a melting pot of cultures, a mixture of Native American, African and Caribbean influences as well as British traditions. Descendants of slaves who arrived on the islands during the Civil War in the United States make up the majority of the population. Music is ubiquitous - typical island sound is goombay with guitar, piano, brass, goatskin drums, rattles and bells. Over 80% of the inhabitants live on New Providence or Grand Bahama.


These northern islands, along with Bimini and Little and Great Abaco, are modern and American in character. Further south, Andros, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Exuma or Long Island have largely preserved their original character. The secluded islands reward their visitors with untouched nature, wonderful beaches and the impression of endless space.


The cuisine of the Bahamas consists mainly of sea food. Specialties are baked crab and conch, a large pink sea shell whose shell must not be exported. The best after a day at sea: Conch Salad, freshly prepared with onions, peppers, tomatoes or apples, chili, lemons and orange juice - accompanied by a cool Kalik, the national beer of the Bahamas!

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We would like to thank the Bahamas Tourist Board and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for their valuable support in producing the Yacht Charter Bahamas information.


Pictures Bahamas by Rolf Krapf - Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

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