Yacht charter Australia

Yacht Charter Australia

Yacht charter Australia: general area information for yacht charter and crewed charter on Australia - Here you get to know more about location, history, economy of Australia as well as interesting facts and sights of Australia. You will find information about sailing in Australia like wind & weather and tides. Furthermore you will find sailing info as well as price lists and a picture gallery for your sailing trip to Australia.


The area yacht charter Australia is located in the South Sea. The continent has 36'000 kilometers of coastline.

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Australia is a country of superlatives, characterized by the vastness of the outback, endless coasts, urban metropolises and tropical rainforests. The Indian Ocean laps the coast from the south to the northwest, the remaining sections lie on the Pacific Ocean. The Timor Sea and the Arafura Sea separate the land masses from Asia. In the east, the Coral Sea extends to the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, while the Tasman Sea stretches to New Zealand. The coastline is over 36,000 km long with countless great beaches. Tourism is an important industry, the main destinations are the unique natural landscapes.


The Sydney Opera House, located directly on the sea, with its monumental half shells stacked on top of each other, is the landmark of urban Australia, while the rust-colored Uluru (Ayers Rock), more than 300 million years old and a sacred site of the indigenous people, stands for the Australian outback. One of the wonders of the natural world is the Great Barrier Reef, a marine paradise with crystal-clear waters, white beaches and a colorful underwater world. Australia is also a country of contrasts, spread over different time zones and climatic zones, from tropical in the north to temperate in the south, with desert areas and extensive semi-arid zones, historically and culturally in the balancing act between Aborigines and white colonization.


For a tourist stay, foreigners need a valid passport and a visa or an electronic entry permit (ETA). The pure flight time to the destination is about 23 to 24 hours, to reduce the effect of jetlag, a journey with stopover is recommended. Currency is the Australian dollar.




The aborigines coming from the north settled the continent at least 50,000 years ago. The Aborigines are not a uniform people, but consist of numerous nomadic tribes with different customs and languages, who live from hunting and gathering. Later, they were joined by islanders of Melanesian origin who, as seafarers, also traded with New Guinea.


The first European to land on the Cape York peninsula was the Dutch navigator Willem Jansz in 1606. Further sightings followed, but the mostly dry and barren landscape hardly aroused any territorial claims. This changes with the first voyage to the South Seas in 1770 by James Cook, who sails up the east coast of Australia on the 'ENDEAVOUR', finds a passage through the reef and takes possession of the land for the British Crown.


From 1788, white settlement of the land begins in Sydney, mainly convicts are deported to the new territory. Introduced diseases and violent conflicts decimate the original population, which is deported to reservations. The missions established here begin not only to spread Christian doctrine, but also to provide medical aid and education. In 1851 gold is discovered northeast of Melbourne, the following gold rush attracts numerous diggers from England, the USA and China.


In 1901, Australia's independent colonies form the Commonwealth of Australia. With the Statute of Westminster of 1931, the country is formally granted independence; it remains a constitutional monarchy under the British crown to this day.


Although Aborigines are granted Australian citizenship on Australia Day in 1949, some laws continue to restrict their rights. In 1965, Queensland became the last state to grant them the right to vote, and the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, passed in 1976, gives Aborigines who still live traditionally the right of ownership to their ancestral territories, former reserves and unused state land.


In 1992, the Supreme Court clarified that the indigenous peoples had a kind of territorial dominion over their respective territories and that colonization was therefore not exclusively no-man's land. It was not until 2013 that the Australian House of Commons passed a law recognizing the Aborigines as the first inhabitants of Australia.

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