Yacht Charter BVI - British Virgin Islands

Yacht charter BVI - British Virgin Islands

Yacht charter BVI - British Virgin Islands: general area information for yacht charter and crewed charter in BVI - British Virgin Islands - Find out more about location, history, economy of BVI - British Virgin Islands and interesting facts and sights in BVI - British Virgin Islands. You get infos about sailing in BVI - British Virgin Islands like wind & weather and tide. Furthermore you find sailing info as well as price lists and a picture gallery for your sailing trip on the BVI - British Virgin Islands..

Cruise Info BVI - British Virgin islands



The Virgin Islands are located in the northwestern edge of the Lesser Antilles along the Anegada Passage to the Panama Canal. They almost all rest on the eastern island shelf of Puerto Rico, but still belong to the Leeward Islands. They lie close together in the clean waters of the tropics, whose shades of color range from deep blue to light green making the sea shine .

As almost everywhere in the Caribbean, Indian peoples first settled here, most recently the Caribs, who are considered skilled sailors and boat builders




On the occasion of his exploration of the New World, Columbus reached the archipelago in the winter of 1493. The doctor on board writes: "A whole group of islands rises from the sea, some densely forested, others quite rocky, the largest of which Columbus calls Santa Ursula, the others he gives the name "Las Once Mil Virgenes". The islands, although not eleven thousand in number, are taken possession of for the Spanish crown, without succeeding in their settlement.

Guadeloupe - Costume Créole

Guadeloupe - Costume Créole

With Columbus, sugar cane cuttings arrive in Hispaniola and spread throughout the Caribbean, which, thanks to its tropical climate, proves to be a suitable cultivation area for the plant originally from East Asia. Since gold could not be found here, the sweetener extracted from it, at that time a rare and expensive luxury food, became a sought-after export commodity. The labor needed in the plantations was procured from Africa via the Atlantic slave trade. Because of their economic importance, strategically favorable location and safe natural harbors, the Virgin Islands are fiercely contested by the European colonial powers.


France, for example, relinquishes its territorial claims in Canada in order to participate in the lucrative sugar cane business, while growing prosperity brings freebooters on the scene. The abolition of slavery in the 19th century deprives the entire Caribbean of its profitable basis and heralds the decline of labor-intensive sugar cane production. In its place, the emergence of steamships gradually brought tourism to the region, and today the service sector dominates with tourism and offshore finance.


As the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Anegada, temporarily in Dutch possession, were annexed by England in 1672. They attain the status of a separate crown colony in 1960 and internal self-government in 1967, but are not part of the EU.


In 1898, the USA occupied the remaining Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and the Pacific, including Cuba, Puerto Rico and the adjacent islands of Vieques and Culebra, which formed the Spanish Virgin Islands. In addition, they bought St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix from the Danes in 1917, which have since been called the United States Virgin Islands, in order to make the sea route to the Panama Canal more difficult for the German navy and to establish their own economic and military presence in the area.


As British Virgin Islands (BVI), Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Anegada, temporarily in Dutch possession, are annexed by England in 1672. They attain separate crown colony status in 1960 and internal self-government in 1967, but are not part of the EU.


Things to know


St Martin - Grande-Case

St Martin - Grande-Case

The American influence is noticeable in the Virgin Islands, but all in all, it is not as Caribbean here as it is further south. With their tropical beauty and diverse vacation possibilities, they also attract many sailors and motorboat drivers for a shorter or longer vacation, who get their money's worth especially in the BVI and find dreamlike bays as well as a good maritime infrastructure. Local specialties are fresh lobster, mussels, curries and barbecue dishes, after the meal one treats oneself to a glass of Pusser's Rum, until 1970 the traditional drink of the British Navy.


Travel Information


A valid passport is required for entry, and a visa and travel authorization for U.S. territory, if applicable. The currency throughout the Virgin Islands is the U.S. dollar and the time zone is UTC-4.


Travel to the British Virgin Islands is usually via Paris or Amsterdam to St. Martin and are reached within one day. Alternatively, travel via Puerto Rico is possible either with a direct flight from Europe or via the USA.


From a nautical point of view, the picturesque archipelago of the Virgin Islands is divided into different territorial waters, on the one hand British overseas territories with uncomplicated clearing, on the other hand outer territories of the USA, where much stricter regulations apply to the border crossing with yachts.


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We would like to thank the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board for their valuable support in producing the Yacht Charter Leeward Islands information.

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