Yacht charter Tahiti

Yacht charter Tahiti

Yacht charter Tahiti: general area information for yacht charter and crewed charter on Tahiti - Here you will learn more about location, history, economy of Tahiti as well as interesting facts and sights of Tahiti . You will find information about sailing in Tahiti like wind & weather and tides. Furthermore you will find sailing info as well as price lists and a picture gallery for your trip to Tahiti.


The area Yachtcharter Tahiti - French Society Islands is located in the Pacific Ocean, 3'000 nautical miles east of Australia. It covers 4'000'000 km2 of water area.



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Yachtcharter Tahiti - Bora Bora

Yacht charter Tahiti - Bora Bora

French Polynesia is located in the Pacific Ocean at 015° S / 140° W about 3'000 nm east of Australia. The islands and atolls are of volcanic origin, probably formed by hotspots of the Pacific Plate where hot mantle material rises from deep within the Earth. They cover a water area of about 4'000'000 km2, with a land area of only a little more than 4'000 km2. In these tropical waters, the reef islands of coral rubble and sand, most of which rise only slightly above sea level, are called motu, and the tidal channels between lagoon and ocean are called hoa.


The Society Islands in the far west are the most densely populated and form the economic and political center. The economy is based mainly on tourism, fishing, agricultural products such as vanilla, all kinds of tropical fruits and copra, the dried kernel meat of coconuts.  Most consumer goods are imported.


The Tuamotu archipelago borders to the east, with its extension over 15 degrees of longitude and 10 degrees of latitude, it is larger than Western Europe and consists mainly of countless flat atolls. In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl made it here from Peru with his balsa wood raft 'KON-TIKI'. To the southeast are the Gambier Islands, consisting of the remains of the former central volcano, whose fringing reef with numerous shallow motus forms a wide lagoon. The Marquesas Islands to the northeast are the peaks of a mountain range rising from the deep sea. To the southeast are the remote Austral Islands with the hydrothermally and seismically active Macdonald Seamount, which rises from the depths to about 40 m below sea level.


Oceania is believed to have been settled in successive waves of migration over the last 6,000 years by people from the Southeast Asian region. The Society Islands, together with the Marquesas, form the Polynesian heartland and stepping stone to Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island. The immigrants initially settle on the coast and live mainly from fishing. Over time, agriculture and animal husbandry gain in importance, and cultivation terraces with


cultivation terraces with sophisticated irrigation systems, the settlements grow up the steep valleys. The island groups are organized in strictly stratified tribal societies, characterized by frequent warfare among the clans. Witnesses of the original culture are the partially preserved marae, ceremonial and assembly places for religious and political purposes, endowed with high spiritual power (mana) and inviolability (tapu).


European records begin with the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan, who discovered the Tuamotu archipelago in 1521. During James Cook's third voyage to the South Seas, the islands are reliably mapped. From 1842, colonization by France begins, leading first to a protectorate and finally to annexation. In the late 19th century, Paul Gauguin lived on Tahiti and Hiva Oa, but his paintings with Tahitian motifs do not depict the real island world, but rather the dreamed-of South Sea paradise.



Crewed Charter Tahiti - Moorea Unterwasser-Grotte

Crewed Charter Tahiti - Moorea underwater cave

Today French Polynesia is an overseas territory with extensive autonomy from Paris, but not part of the EU. A good three-quarters of the population is Polynesian, with former French settlers and French from the motherland making up about 10%, and some mixed ethnic origin. Currency is the Franc Pacifique (XPF), the time zone of the Society Islands is UTC-10. The only official language is French, Tahitian and other Polynesian languages are used regionally. The capital Pape'ete is served from Europe by scheduled flights of Air France and Air Tahiti Nui, the trip takes 2 days.




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