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Welcome to My Charter

my yacht & charter AG offers with Rolf Krapf a high service standard, paired with the best knowledge about cruising areas, yachts - sailing yacht, motor boat as well as river boat - and their equipment, as well as climatic and meteorological aspects and thereforefore meets the high expectations of the Swiss yacht charter clients.

Rolf Krapf's profound knowledge of the yacht charter market and his personal  experience - over 35,000 ocean miles on countless yachts - are a guarantee for professional, competent and independent customer advice. So as a customer you can bacnk on it for the perfect sailing trip of your dreams.

Under the brand my charter™ we offer yacht charter destinations worldwide, from bareboat to crewed yacht charter

We arrange sailing yachts, motor boats as well as river boats in all sizes and oversizes - with a focus on sailing yachts, anywhere in the world where there are beautiful waters to sail. The yachts we offer are in optimal technical condition.

Furthermore, our offer also includes single berths on ships - so-called berth charters. These are very popular with beginners in order to achieve the nautical miles they need for their ocean licence and to gain the corresponding experience at sea.

my charter™ enables your yacht charter to dream destinations around the globe:

If you are interested in the Mediterranean Sea - from the Balearic Islands to Turkey via the Côte d'Azur and Corsica, Italy (Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany), Malta, Croatia, Cyprus and Greece - a cruise, for example in the windy Aegean, is a wonderful experience.

If you like it more sportive, then you will find the appropriate offer on the Atlantic or the North Sea, only a few hours away from home. From Cape Verde and the Canary Islands to the Spanish and French Atlantic coasts, from Brittany to Holland, England, Ireland and Scotland to the far north, the rougher seas and tides will put your sailing and navigational skills to the test.

If you are a nature lover and navigation enthusiast looking for a treat, the Baltic Sea is the place to be, from Sweden to Finland, with its thousands and thousands of archipelagos, to Germany and Denmark.

Travel the Caribbean, from Florida to Brazil, via the Bahamas, Cuba, Belize, BVI's, the Leeward Islands, St-Martin, Antigua, Guadeloupe and the Windward Islands: Martinique, St-Lucia, St-Vincent , Canouan down to Grenada, Belize and Venezuela. whrere crystal-clear waters, tropical sun and trade winds are awaiting you.

If you prefer the wild coasts and fjords of the Pacific, choose the west coast of Canada and the USA or let yourself be enchanted by the austere beauty of Baja Californa.

The nature-pampered pearls of the South Seas - Tahiti with its French flair, the kingdom of the Tonga archipelago, New Caledonia with its French charm - as well as "down under" with New Zealand and Australia are also worth a visit.

For adventurers with a longing for untouched charter areas, the China Sea with the exotic islands of the east coast of Thailand and Malaysia is recommended.

Of course, a trip to the Indian Ocean is not to be missed. The picturesque Thai and Malaysian west coast, the paradisiacal Seychelles, the colourful Mauritius and the original Madagascar, make every sailor's heart beat faster.

If you opt for our "all from one source" package, my charter™ will take care of your organisational worries from A to Z. We also take care of the journey, the hotel accommodation and the transfer from and to the airport.

So you can relax as a skipper and look forward to your valuable yacht charter holiday, whether you spend it on a sailing yacht, a motor boat or a river boat.


No matter where you go with my charter™, a charter is and remains an unforgettably beautiful memory.

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Greece - Saronic Gulf

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