Yacht Charter Seychelles

Yacht Charter Seychelles

Yacht charter Seychelles: general area information for yacht charter and crewed charter in Seychelles - Here you will learn more about location, history, economy of Seychelles as well as interesting facts and sights of Seychelles. You will find information about sailing in Seychelles like wind & weather and tides. Furthermore you will find sailing info as well as price lists and a picture gallery for your sailing trip in Seychelles.


The area Yachtcharter Seychelles is located between the 4th and 10th degree of latitude south of the equator.

Cruise Information Seychelles


Far remote in the western part of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are located between the 4th and 10th degrees of latitude south of the equator on the Mascarene Ridge, together with Mauritius, La Réunion and the Cargados-Carajos Islands. The archipelago, scattered over a vast sea area north of Madagascar, belongs topographically to Africa and consists of about 115 islands.




Ancient tombs on Silhouette testify that seafarers and traders from the Middle East already knew the Seychelles despite their were already familiar with the Seychelles despite their remoteness, as were presumably settlers from Southeast Asia who settled on Madagascar. In the 9th century, the archipelago is first recorded on an Arabic sea chart, and later Arabic writings mention high islands on the route to the Maldives.

For a long time, however, the Seychelles remained undiscovered by the Europeans, who did not sail around the Cape of Good Hope until around 1500.

and explore the spice route to India, with Vasco da Gama reaching the Amirantes. In 1609, a British expedition anchors off Mahé for provisions and drinking water, and from 1685 pirates are reported to exist in the region. Mahé with the eastern islands is formally taken possession of for France in 1756, soon permanent settlement takes place and French corsairs make life difficult for the English merchant fleet in the Indian Ocean, the bold privateer Robert Surcouf from Saint-Malo alone is said to have robbed over 40 ships. In an effort to make the sea route to South Asia safer, the English attacked several times, finally annexing the islands in 1811. Under the new colonial rule, the slave trade is banned and slavery abolished, the region serves mainly as a place of exile and receives little attention from London, which is why the French influence is still strongly felt today.

Since 1976, the Seychelles have been an independent republic and a member of the Commonwealth. The inhabitants are mostly descendants of French settlers and African labor slaves, but there are also small Chinese and Indian minorities. The strong mixture is also reflected in the culture, celebrated with the lively carnival in April, the FetAfrik in May and the festival Kreol in October. As a common everyday language, seselwa has developed, Seychelles Creole is based lexically on French.

Other official languages are English, which is used primarily in administration and business, and French, which is less widely spoken.


Hospitality and a simple island life characterize the Seychelles. With the change in Eastern Europe, they have moved from a moderate socialist system, which provided the population with a high level of social security and relative prosperity, to a pluralistic constitution and moderately liberal economic system. Today, tourism is the country's main source of income. On the one hand, high-priced luxury tourism is the order of the day, with no hotel towering above the palm trees except for an old concrete building on the west coast of Mahé; on the other hand, well-kept guesthouse tourism is the order of the day, so that even modest families can share in the profits. Local currency is the Seychelles Rupee (SCR), local motifs adorn the coins and banknotes, just as the special flora and fauna often provide the subjects for stamps, which are highly sought after by collectors. The area belongs to the UTC+4 time zone, no visa is required for entry, but a valid passport, a return ticket and sufficient financial means for the stay.

Things to know and places of interest

In the course of the geodynamic drift at the junction between India and East Africa, the Seychelles were left in their present isolated position in the ocean as a fracture splinter, a microcontinent of granitic primary rock and unique in the world. Separated from the mainland for millions of years, numerous endemic species have survived here, some of which are highly endangered and strictly protected. These include the Seychelles flying fox, which feeds mainly on fruit, the bronze gecko and the green day gecko, the tiny Seychelles frog and the Aldabra giant tortoise, exotic bird species such as the Seychelles dajal, the bulbul, the fruit dove or the raven parrot as well as various palm species such as the Latanier palm with its stilt roots. The landmark is the famous koko-d-mer, the palm tree bears its first fruit when it is about 20 years old, it produces the largest and heaviest plant seeds in the world, whose sensual shape is reminiscent of a woman's buttocks, the sale of the expensive nuts is limited by law.

On stormy nights, the male and female sea nut palms, which can grow up to 30 meters high, are said to mate - anyone who watches the phallus-like inflorescences copulate with the inconspicuous, knotty feminine flowers, it is said, must die.

The island groups of the Seychelles with their waters rich in fish are divided according to their location into the mountainous Inner Islands made of granite stone and the flat Outer Islands.

Seychellen - Victoria - Mahé

Seychelles - Victoria - Mahé

The Inner Islands rest on the large Seychelles Bank rising steeply from the seabed, with water depths ranging from 15 to 65 meters. With Victoria as the urban center and Morne Seychellois (905 m) as the highest point of land, Mahé is the main island where 80% of the population lives, followed by Praslin and La Digue. The granite islands are very green, covered by lush vegetation with palm groves and colorful flowers. The former tropical virgin forest with tall trees, dense foliage, orchids and cannelianas can only be found in the higher mountain areas, in the coastal area the mangrove forests have largely disappeared. As a result of settlement, many original plants have been pushed back, especially at lower altitudes, and replaced by introduced species such as cinnamon tree, eucalyptus, albizia, hibiscus or bougainvillea. On Mahé a gray to gray-brown granite predominates, on Sainte Anne pale-gray gneiss determines the picture and Ile Thérèse shows exceptionally bright quartz crystal inclusions, while Praslin and La Digue consist of reddish rose granite, Silhouette and Ile du Nord on the other hand mainly of dark colored syenite.

Seychellen - Vallée de Mai - Praslin

Seychelles - Vallée de Mai - Praslin

In contrast, the almost deserted Outer Islands, far from any civilization, form a sparkling strand of small coral islands and atolls, some with shallow lagoons rising from the deep sea on the rim of submerged volcanoes. These lonely outposts of the Seychelles are primarily home to numerous seabirds and sea turtles. In addition to the southern islets of Coëtivy and Platte, they include the Amirantes, the Alphonse, Farquhar and Aldabara archipelagos, which extend up to 600 nm to the southwest and lie only a few meters above sea level, dry and barren, without freshwater sources.

Nature is therefore the wealth of this resource-poor island state, which was the first country in the world to incorporate nature conservation into its constitution and designate more than half of its land area as protected areas, including an almost untouched area around Morne Seychellois on Mahé and Silhouette Island. The Vallée de Mai on Praslin, remnants of a prehistoric forest, and the Aldabra Atoll are UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites.

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